I am a name, not a number!

I am a name, not a number!

By Rosie Gallagher

Two big results for Tax Debt Management in the last couple of weeks have reiterated that there is no time to address your tax arrears like the present.

This month, M/s Consultant and Mr. Handyman received full write off of their debts, (over $200,000 in total,) under the hardship provisions, despite M/s Consultant working full time and Mr. Handyman having travelled overseas several times in the past year.

Tax Debt Management doesn’t just project your finances and ‘cut a deal’ for IRD, we look at your personal circumstances and ensure you are treated as a person – not a debt.

We looked at M/s Consultant’s need to provide childcare as a solo parent whilst she worked and asked IRD to consider Mr. Handyman’s trip to see his daughter overseas compassionately. It had been several years since he saw her last and she was graduating.

These aspects, combined with; financial analysis, new processes implemented, and the timely provision of information ensured that M/s Consultant and Mr. Handyman will have a stress-free 2019.

M/s Consultant said, “I still can’t believe it’s true!” Mr. Handyman said it with flowers! If you would like to be treated as a name, not a number, call Rosie today on 0800 829 277.

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