Tax debt problems? We can help you

Tax Debt Management provides professional tax negotiation and settlement services to individuals and businesses. We understand the ins and outs of tax debt legislation and the anxiety and pressures you face.

Our experienced Accountant/Lawyer team will represent you in negotiating a settlement with Inland Revenue. Tax debt does not disappear on it’s own, the sooner you tackle your arrears the more options you have.
Tax Debt Management will rescue you or your business from tax arrears.

Tackle your tax arrears immediately. Wait no longer!

Immediate payment of your tax arrears in full may not be your only option. A detailed submission to Inland Revenue based on case law and tax legislation will give you the best chance of success.
We help clients confront and clear tax debt, even the most challenging, complex and difficult tax problems.

Avoid Bankruptcy and Liquidation. Do not default

If Liquidation proceedings or a Court date has been set to pursue your tax debt, it is not too late.
Contact Tax Debt Management immediately so we can negotiate with Inland Revenue on your behalf. We’ll make sure your case is handled fairly no matter how bad your tax arrears. We will negotiate a WIN:WIN resolution for you and for the IRD. Your tax debt is our top priority and we also understand the importance of your long-term relationship with Inland Revenue. We pride ourselves in turning desperate situations around for good.

Contact us straight away. Do not default any further as interest and penalties are added daily.
We service the whole of New Zealand.

Outstanding Tax returns? As Accountants we can help you there too.

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We service the whole of New Zealand

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