Want the freedom to work self-employed?

Yes, there is way!

As a bankrupt you may think you are forced to work for salary or wages. You are forbidden to carry on business on your own account without the consent of the Official Assignee This is where we can help you.

By acting as your Financial Supervisor we can assure the Official Assignee that you will pay your bills and meet your tax obligations. Tax Debt Management can help you work independently whilst fulfilling the conditions of your bankruptcy.

What is a Financial Supervisor?

A Financial Supervisor is nominated by the Official Assignee to act on your behalf, manage your finances and pay your bills. This is how we help some of our clients who are rebuilding after bankruptcy, to keep working in their area of expertise.

What should you, the bankrupt, do?

Contact Tax Debt Management immediately and we’ll make a special application to the Official Assignee. We’ll put a convincing case that, as Accountants and Tax Professionals we should act as your Financial Supervisor.

We’ll help you keep your financial records in order so that the Official Assignee can be assured that:

  • you will not have any overdue tax returns
  • you will not incur tax arrears
  • your bills will be paid
  • The work you are doing is appropriate to your bankruptcy conditions.

When you work with Tax Debt Management you can be confident that you will be treated ethically and professionally at all times.

 Talk to us today so you can have the freedom to be self-employed.

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