Tax Arrears To Be Cleared!

Inland Revenue will catch up with your tax arrears eventually and the penalties for unpaid taxes can be severe.  If you cannot pay your tax arrears in full, right now, we may be able to negotiate an arrangement with IRD. Payment of your tax arrears in full may not be your only option.

We can talk to Inland Revenue on your behalf

IRD comes down hard on tax defaulters, but a detailed submission based on case law and tax legislation will give you the best chance of avoiding penalties and sanctions.

Tax Debt Management understands the ins and outs of tax debt legislation and the stress tax arrears can put on you and your business.

Overdue tax returns need to be taken care of quickly, and we can help you get back up to date, even if your records are a little awry. An IRD tax audit can happen at any time.

Tax debt does not go away by itself

Our experienced Accountant/Lawyer team will represent you in negotiating a settlement with Inland Revenue. The longer you leave it, the worse Tax debt becomes. The sooner you confront your arrears the more options you have, and the quicker we can get rid of the anxiety it causes.

We help clients confront and clear tax debt, even the most challenging, complex and difficult tax problems.

Contact Tax Debt Management now and let’s clear your tax arrears.

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