Disagree with the IRD? That’s tricky

Disputes with the Inland Revenue can become complicated and serious and you are likely to need help; for example you must follow strict process within fixed deadlines:

  • If you disagree with a Notice Of a Proposed tax Adjustment (NOPA) which you have just received, you MUST challenge it within 2 months following the correct form and content.
  • When you need to provide the IRD with a Binding statement Of Position (“SOP”) you MUST get this right because later in the legal process you can’t introduce further material which could severely disadvantage your case.

We can help you safely put your case

Tax Debt Management knows the ropes and we will make sure your voice is heard and that your case adheres with the rules. Challenging the IRD alone can be convoluted, time consuming and risky.

We will make sure that you hand over all the necessary information to the IRD before the short deadlines so you are not forced to pay taxes you know are completely incorrect. You don’t get a second chance.

Negotiating with IRD requires technical nouse

If you are still in dispute with Inland Revenue after initially putting your case through documentation then Tax Debt Management can sit down and negotiate with IRD on your behalf. If even we can’t change their position then you will be issued with a disclosure notice and a binding Statement of Position (“SOP”). This buys you another 2 months to respond with your own formal statement.

You must get this technically right because later on you can’t introduce new arguments as you put your case to an independent adjudication section of the IRD.

We will help you jump the hurdles

Tax Debt Management is familiar with the Tax Disputes process and can spell out the best approach in your case and what you need to do and when. We will act on your behalf and give you peace of mind during this difficult dispute. It’s important to maintain a good relationship with IRD if you are in business for the long haul.

Contact Tax Debt Management immediately to talk over your tax issues as time is of the essence.

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