Need finance to tide you over tax arrears or payments?

Tax Debt Management can help you avoid excessive IRD penalties and interest. We have direct access to business loans to get tax debts paid, fast. We can arrange a loan that will buy you time and save you money.

  • Avoid hefty IRD late payment penalties
  • Reduce IRD interest on tax arrears by up to 30%
  • Easy payment options that are lower than you’d be paying to IRD

Avoid IRD penalties and interest!

Your business may have seasonal peaks, growth spikes or unforeseen payments to contend with before you feel you can take care of your tax arrears. This is not unusual, but there can be severe consequences for ignoring the IRD, and it can be very costly indeed.

We can arrange a simple tax loan to allow you to make a tax payment or keep your IRD payment arrangement intact. Yes, you can enter into payment arrangements with the Inland Revenue but nothing offers a good night sleep like paying it out in full.

Talk to us about arranging a tax loan to help you avoid excessive IRD penalties and interest.

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