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“The New Zealand tax system had confounded me for years and after becoming a sole contractor, my tax responsibilities became more stringent. I made some unwise choices with my tax savings and had ongoing communications issues with my accountant which eventuated in me owing a lot in back taxes. When IRD garnished my wages, I knew I had to address the issue as a priority. Luckily, I stumbled upon Rosie at TDM, who was extremely helpful in letting me know exactly what I’d need to do to address my tax issues, as well as supporting me through the complex process of completing the required paperwork, organising my expenses and setting a budget. She introduced me to a capable accountant who handled my overdue returns promptly, which was a great relief.
I was hugely surprised to eventually receive a full write-off of my balance due to IRD, which has allowed me to start over on a fresh page. I’d recommend Rosie to anyone struggling with complex tax and budgeting issues.”

E.R. Wellington

Exceptional service from Rosie at Tax Debt Management. We were under a tax debt arrangement already that we could not see an end to and were, at first, a bit anxious without meeting Rosie face to face. After reading other testimonials however, we decided to go ahead. Rosie was fantastic to deal with, we never felt judged, or uncomfortable explaining our situation or during the process. She went above and beyond, knowing how this was affecting us. She came back to us within a week of contacting her, providing us with amazing results we could never have achieved on our own… Thankfully, Rosie has given us the freedom to move forward and released the stress we were under for a very long time. If anyone is in a situation they feel they cannot overcome, I highly recommend giving Rosie a call. Thank you Rosie, we will be forever grateful for what you have done for us.

K & J C - Invercargill

My advice to anyone who has a tax problem is simple. Contact Rosie at Tax Debt Management now! She is professional, firm and decisive. She took over negotiations with the IRD on my behalf – that was a relief in itself. She presented the relevant NZ tax law to the IRD as it applied to my situation. Rosie then achieved an amazing result with my debt of nearly $40,000 being written off entirely. I can now grow my business again, with my tax affairs structured positively. A huge, huge, thank you!

GH - North Island

We are still in shock at the result Rosie from Tax Debt Management achieved for us! We were in way over our heads with not only overdue tax and gst returns, but also unpaid taxes. We didn’t know where to go or what to do, and the stress was taking over our lives.
Rosie and her team helped us to get our returns up to date, and then negotiated with the IRD on our behalf, which resulted in a full write off of over $50,000 in income tax and gst!
Rosie was so lovely to deal with, always keeping us up to date and always happy to answer all of our questions. I highly recommend that anybody who needs assistance with their tax problems contact Rosie straight away!

B.L - Nelson

“I was so unsure that the testimonials were real as it seemed impossible to negotiate with the IRD. I had tried myself for a year and had no success at all. Our lives were falling apart and I had to search for help and I found it with you. From the smiling emojis to your kind nature you never gave me false hope just the facts and obviously you know your stuff because today you sent me a congratulations email, I am still in shock and cant believe that I have regained control of my life and business. If anyone is unsure about whether or not to call Rosie, please dont hesitate, my situation was DIRE and now is sorted, If you want to give my number to clients who are unsure please do!”

C.T.Waitakare, Auckland

After many years of trying to work directly with the IRD over what ultimately become a ridiculous amount of escalated and significant debt and not being able to see any light at the end of the tunnel, I contacted Tax Debt Management. This had been a particularly stressful time and I lacked confidence that there was ever going to be a successful resolution. Rosie was easy to work with, and she gave me confidence that she was able to help resolve my issue. She worked very quickly with the IRD, obtaining a hold on amounts being deducted from my wages while the issue was being reviewed. Getting this issue resolved has been a huge help in enabling me to move forward and reduce my stress knowing that I no longer have this debt hanging over me. In hindsight, I would go to a professional much earlier, as Rosie has dealt with this so quickly and so successfully. It certainly was money very well spent and I would have no hesitation in referring Rosie to anyone that finds themselves requiring specialist assistance with the IRD.


This is from the heart – I highly recommend Tax Debt Management.
During an extremely stressful period of my life, Rosie remained professional, empathetic and result-focussed and, in doing so, achieved an excellent outcome for me and my family.
My advice to anyone going through any issue with tax issues is to phone Rosie from Tax Debt Management, You will not regret it.


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